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BAE Systems Point of Load Converters

BAE Systems – Point of Load Converters

The RAD® POLX-14P AND RAD® POLX-14S CONVERTERS are fully integrated building blocks for today’s digital space electronic modules. They minimize non-recurring engineering and maximize space and routing channels for other electronic devices on the hosting motherboard module. These products enable efficient processing to meet the onboard requirements of the spacecraft environment. Read more...

BAE Systems – Electro-optical Infrared & RF Sensors

Description: Atmospheric Infrared Sounder provides infrared hyperspectral sensing from space, passively measuring temperature and humidity, and delivering weather-balloon-quality measurements on a global scale. Read more...

BAE Systems C-RAM

BAE Systems – FPGA Radiation Hardened

Description: For more than a decade, BAE Systems has fabricated and packaged the radiation-hardened RH1020 and RH1280 field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Though these Actel parts were discontinued in 2006, BAE Systems now manufactures the RH1020B and RH1280B as drop-in replacements for … Read more...

AAC Microtec Onboard Cubesat Computer

AAC Microtec – Onboard Computer for Cubesats

Description: The Sirius OBC is an onboard computer featuring a 32-bit OpenRISC processor operating at 50 MHz and running RTEMS real-time operating system (RTOS). It also includes two SpaceWire interfaces that can be used for connection to other Sirius products, creating a distributed … Read more...

AAC Microtec Power Supply Subsystem

AAC Microtec – Power Supply System for CubeSats

Description: ÅAC Microtec and OHB Sweden have been commissioned by SNSB to implement the cost-effective microsatellite, InnoSat. The two companies’ extensive expertise, innovative products and efficient work approaches are combined in a successful manner, giving Sweden the opportunity to build satellites … Read more...

AAC Microtec mass-memory

AAC Microtec – Mass Memory

Description: The Mass memory 16GB unit is a rapid integration architecture (RIA) compatible subsystem which offers the user a fault tolerant 16 GB storage with 4 GB error detection and correction information (EDAC). It is based on a FPGA with a 32-bit … Read more...

AAC Microtec Remote Terminal Unit RTU

AAC Microtec – Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

Description: The μRTU™ is a compact low-power remote terminal unit (RTU) or appliqué sensor interface module (ASIM) for satellites, UAVs and other embedded control applications. It features a 32-bit OpenRISC processor operating at 18 MHz, 64 MB RAM, and 1GB NAND flash, … Read more...

AAC Microtec Solid state recorder

AAC Microtec – Solid-State Recorder

Description: The Sirius TCM, a combined mass memory (solid-state recorder) and TM/TC interface module that implements the CCSDS standards for satellite link services, is designed to directly interface CCSDS compliant transceivers. It comes with standard software but can be delivered without this … Read more...

AAC Microtec Cubesat Bus

AAC Microtec – CubeSat Bus

Description: ÅAC Microtec’s SPARC platform is a 6U Cubesat platform that ÅAC Microtec developed for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and the US Air Force Research Laboratory for demonstrating the military utility of a satellite of a 6U Cubesat. SPARC is ÅAC … Read more...

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