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EPIQ Space (www.epiqspace.com) was developed by Dale Robinette, who worked in the space satellite industry for over 20 years. Working in sales for Tyco Electronics and Peregrine Semiconductor, developing patents along the way, Dale saw a need for an online search database for all space products and services. He understood the struggle that buyers and engineers faced to find the aerospace parts they needed to get their jobs done. In 2013, he developed EPIQ Space in the hopes of better connecting buyers to sellers in the space satellite industry.(p>

The EPIQ Space community is a place designed for engineers, scientists, suppliers, service providers and others who want to find space products, companies, resources, space news and career opportunities in satellite engineering and all related aerospace jobs. Products and companies are updated constantly to provide information on the newest and best technology in the industry.

Our goal is to provide one place for all things SPACE, making it easier to build and service space satellites using the latest technologies and advancements along with legacy products that continue to be core to successful satellite operations. Whether you are an engineer looking to find qualified space products and services, or a supplier with a desire to make your products easier to find, EPIQ Space is dedicated to Space Made Simple™.

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Epiq Space

Epiq Space

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