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AAC Microtec – Solid-State Recorder

Description: The Sirius TCM, a combined mass memory (solid-state recorder) and TM/TC interface module that implements the CCSDS standards for satellite link services, is designed to directly interface CCSDS compliant transceivers. It comes with standard software but can be delivered without this … Read more...

AAC Microtec – Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

Description: The μRTU™ is a compact low-power remote terminal unit (RTU) or appliqué sensor interface module (ASIM) for satellites, UAVs and other embedded control applications. It features a 32-bit OpenRISC processor operating at 18 MHz, 64 MB RAM, and 1GB NAND flash, … Read more...

AAC Microtec – Mass Memory

Description: The Mass memory 16GB unit is a rapid integration architecture (RIA) compatible subsystem which offers the user a fault tolerant 16 GB storage with 4 GB error detection and correction information (EDAC). It is based on a FPGA with a 32-bit … Read more...

AAC Microtec – Onboard Computer for Cubesats

Description: The Sirius OBC is an onboard computer featuring a 32-bit OpenRISC processor operating at 50 MHz and running RTEMS real-time operating system (RTOS). It also includes two SpaceWire interfaces that can be used for connection to other Sirius products, creating a distributed … Read more...

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