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Space Parts Working Group Day 2
Space Parts Working Group met for a second day in Torrance California hosted by The Aerospace Corporation, in cooperation with U.S. Air Force Space Missile Systems Center (SMSC) and the National Reconnaissance Office.  The satellite supplier community has come together to provide updates on the latest technologies available for the space industry.
Anaren acquisition of MS Kennedy created a need for recertification over the past several years for space applications.  This has caused some delivery disturbance to the market.  The business unit has completed its certifications and improving delivery. In addition, they announced a new LDO regulator family MSK5965RH and new 6 & 10 Amp Point of Load Regulators MSK 5062RH and 5061RH respectively.
Analog Devices acquisition of Linear Technologies positions them as #1 or #2 in the various markets they serve.  They introduced a Quad Core Op Amp (ADA4084S) in additional to a 14B/125 MSPS ADC (AD9246S).  They have a series of new Digital Isolators (ADuM7442S) using galvanic isolation in addition to new Envelope detectors (ADL6010S) and other devices from their RF/uW portfolio extending to 40 GHz.
STMicrolectronics has been introducing about one new product per month across their product portfolio.  They have a new line of Power Schottky Diodes and a new family of Bipolar Transistors with faster switching (2ST1360 and 2ST2360).  New family of LVDS Drivers and Receivers (RHFLVDS31A).  New LVDS Serializer and Deserializer (RHFLVDS217A) and Dual MOSFET Gate Driver (RHRPM4424).   BiCMOS Amplifiers (RHF330, RHR61 and RH-20x), 420MHz Differential Amplifier (RHF200), 16-bit Delta-Sigma DAC (RHRDAC1612), High Accuracy Fixed Voltage References (RHF100), Next Generation Low Dropout Voltage Regulator (RHFL6000A).
The satellite suppliers have invested heavily into the industry again this year developing tremendous products to help continue to push the industry to new levels.
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