AAC Microtec – Onboard Computer for Cubesats


The Sirius OBC is an onboard computer featuring a 32-bit OpenRISC processor operating at 50 MHz and running RTEMS real-time operating system (RTOS).

It also includes two SpaceWire interfaces that can be used for connection to other Sirius products, creating a distributed network.

Functions such as triple modular redundancy (TMR) on FPGA gates and error detection and correction (EDAC) on all memory make the Sirius OBC tolerant to single event effects.

It is equipped with many peripheral interfaces, allowing it to act as a remote terminal unit (RTU) that can interface to various sensors and sub-systems in parallel.

The unit has analog inputs with 24-bit resolution (approximately 17-bits effective at highest sample rate) and comes with six RS422 serial ports for custom use.


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August 20, 2016 |
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