SAFRAN Sagem – Focal Plane Optics


Capitalizing on its renowned expertise in high-precision opto-mechanical design, fabrication and assembly for space optical systems, Reosc is involved in major programs worldwide.

A unique know-how

To meet the specific requirements of space science and earth observation, Reosc’s technologies and solutions combine high levels of quality, precision and accuracy.

Reosc’s products are designed with state- of-the-art analysis and optimization tools such as Code V, Nastran and TopCad. Besides, the optical polishing shop is able to process any refractive optical material and mirror substrates (glass, SiC, beryllium) in all sizes up to 8 meters. High-precision plano, spherical and aspheric surfaces are produced by Computer Controlled Polishing and Ion Beam Figuring techniques.

With its 15 evaporators, the coating lab is able to develop and deposit any coating on components up to 1.5-meter diameter.

Proven lens centering and mounting, and mirror attachment techniques are used to align and integrate the components before testing the systems under extensive environmental tests for space qualification.



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September 3, 2014 |
Epiq Space

Epiq Space

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