SAFRAN Sagem – Optics For Space Telescopes


Astronomers requirements in terms of space optics mainly focus on their high spectral sensitivity, their robustness, rigidity, and light weight. Sagem’s lightweight vitroceramic mirrors make it possible to obtain maximum stiffness and very high mechanical resistance. They are obtained by chemical stress-relieving of micro-fissures. Super-lightweight technology developed in collaboration with the CNES is based on increasingly thinner, higher ribs. Sagem Silicon carbide (SiC) mirrors are 4 times stiffer than those made of vitroceramics. Covered with a layer of dense material obtained by Chemical Vapor Deposition, they are very light and strong. For wide and medium field imaging applications, Sagem offers highly robust dioptric optics providing better targeted image quality than diffraction. Sagem manufactures many components required aboard satellites, such as spectral band selective filters (or stripe filters) combining high spectral precision, high air-vacuum stability and high-level quality (absence of flaws that would occult pixels).  – See more at:


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May 4, 2014 |
Epiq Space

Epiq Space

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